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Chicken Fried Rice Seasoning (Pkg of 3)

Chicken Fried Rice Seasoning (Pack of 3)


Chicken Fried Rice Seasoning (Pack of 3)


Gluten free
Nut free

Plain white rice has its place at the table, but when it’s time to kick dinner up a notch, Chicken Fried Rice is the answer. Make a mountain of crispy fragrant rice – with notes of garlic, ginger, chives, and chillies – packed with protein and amplified by crunchy coleslaw.  

35 g (1.2 oz) 
  • Customize the recipe with chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, or cubed tofu. 
  • The secret to good fried rice is day-old or refrigerated rice. Freshly made rice will be clumpy and won’t crisp as well. 
  • Pair withWok & Glass Lidto cook. Sloped sides make it easy to stir-fry and ensure each grain gets crispy. 
  • Use dry blend as a seasoning for soups, burgers or meatballs. 
  • 1 pkg makes about 6 cups. 

Epicure is dedicated to sharing delicious meal solutions that use only real, whole ingredients you can trust, while never ever compromising on taste.

Epicure products are:

  • 100% gluten free
  • Made in a nut-free facility (except coconut)
  • Free from corn syrup & hydrogenated fat
  • Free from artificial colors, sweeteners & preservatives
  • Sugar & sodium conscious
  • Made from ethically sourced ingredients
  • 85% non-GMO Project verified

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